Armored Core Fan art ^^

2013-06-10 15:31:55 by Faizyr

ive been drawing for 2 days straight and i made this d-core-midas-core

its my fan art you could say to the armored core games, can't wait for the new one to be shown at E3 : P

il be making more armored core soon ^^

let me know whatcha think of it, im curious

also has enyone else used this drawing style before? because im not sure if im the only one.

New Tune : Ringing of the past

2013-06-06 18:42:04 by Faizyr

Got a new tune out and finished

this is 1 of 2 ( maybe 3) tunes il be uploading this week

So keep an eye out for another tune or 2 , and let me know what genre of music should i make im kinda running out of ideas since i made almost every catagory of music.


Tune :Shadow Factory feedback

2013-05-12 19:01:26 by Faizyr

well i made this wierd ass tune

let me know if you like this kinda of stuff, or let me know if this is bad.

(more fun tunes coming up very soon.)

" "
@ @

NEW Tune : Slow Burning Forgiveness.

2013-05-05 13:06:36 by Faizyr

Well, i finally got this out.

i delayed this for maybe 2 weeks xD. all cuz of the name :/

enyone thats good with with making up names pm me pls, would be much appriciated .

new FULL length tunes coming your way soon.

Artwork out

2013-05-01 12:37:17 by Faizyr

Well my art is out, hope everyone likes it ^^. as-become

Drawing again

2013-04-30 08:08:56 by Faizyr

started drawin again on my pc, its been a few years now since i last did enything. already making something, here's a a small part of it.its not gonna be super high quality but i think its okay since its been years. will be finished in a few days or so.

Drawing again

One Wish

2013-04-23 07:58:22 by Faizyr

well this is the last classic crap i had in mind. 45

time to make something else, something new, all ive been making were project i diden't finish before.
we'll see if i think of something fresh.

also making some tunes for Taragraphics for his upcoming animations, so get pumped for that