Entry #7

Armored Core Fan art ^^

2013-06-10 15:31:55 by Faizyr

ive been drawing for 2 days straight and i made this http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/ajiman/armore d-core-midas-core

its my fan art you could say to the armored core games, can't wait for the new one to be shown at E3 : P

il be making more armored core soon ^^

let me know whatcha think of it, im curious

also has enyone else used this drawing style before? because im not sure if im the only one.


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2013-06-11 06:24:50

Looks nice. Did you fill in different blocks with textures, cut out pieces, just draw over it? it's an interesting style.

Btw, about the collab it'll have to wait until summer, hoped to get everything done before summer but time ran out. :/ Just finished my last assignment late last night.

Faizyr responds:

and when will that be? its summer right now : /


2013-06-17 11:17:43

September. :/

Faizyr responds: